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Inside my Bottega the Maiolica, I give life to, springs up from my sharp sensitivity passionately fond both of the 17th- 18th century works of Castelli district and nature with its landscapes. A large, warm embrace wrapping up them both can be seen as ultimate result of my commitment in art.

My interest lies in painting out that very style of living which today looks as if being not ours any longer. That is why there appears in the setting the slow elapsing of time passing by, together with the unwinding rolling away of unveiled season. My engagement is tied up to living moments in meadows and fields, once belonging both to my countryside and to the land of Abruzzo back to the first half of the 19th century. The evocative paintings rich in joyful and nostalgic, at one time, atmospheres speak to my creative instinct. Life in green, flowery grasslands arouses and satisfies my Greek ideal of beauty, Harmony and Truth. Still nowadays the hill side landscape can give peace and quiet of mind when going away from town and stepping in and about the hilly surroundings.

Towers, above all, together with towns and villages of Piceno district are often in the background of the scenery of my imagination. Small bundling of houses, bunches of roofs, poises of alive resorts, so friendly in these places, can be seen up above on a high rock, behind luxuriant self-vegetation. The living center, at times sparkling at times hazy, standing out against the sky, is the seal where going away from and where coming back to about twilight for rest and shelter.

The sprays of light over the characters’ faces as well as over the animals’ ones lavish a smooth, quiet, dignified meaning of self possession. They both breathe and work together: one rhythm, one life, one attitude of agreement with the whole earthly soul itself.

My love for nature and rural life finds its ancient roots as far back as when I was still a child and my family moved to the countryside. That’s why my sister and I could enjoy living in the open air, running over the fields, climbing on olive trees, getting in touch with animals.

My grandparents played a leading role in the birth and development of my bent for green lands. They originally came from Pianura Padana even if they moved to Ascoli Piceno later on. They always lived in the countryside.

Their tales about country folk and seats greatly appealed my imagination since my infancy. The brims around my works of Maiolica are a very triumph of decorative art. My passionate bent for flowers, leaves, sprays and birds lies there displayed at their utmost top. The scenery depicted over the Cavetto is underlined and stressed by a joyful outbursting in full bloom mirroring the season inside. At time I happen to have a liking for painting on the brims flowers and animals out of a botanic and naturalistic accuracy. Giovanna Garzoni, inhabitant of Ascoli Piceno of the 17th century, painter of Nature Morte, is of great help to me as an inspirer of my works.

Two are the main production of my Maiolica: on one side the living sight of landscapes, on the other the forms and frames of Castelli district. Anyway no clear cut is to be found between the two of them. My landscapes are besprinkled and enlightened by Castelli flavour. There are times when I can’t but surrender to a wholly-faithful embrace of landscapes typical of Castelli.

Above all I am allured by the ones created in the Bottega of the Grues of the 17th and 18th centuries. They are sceneries where men often appear as wanderers together with their donkeys, and where Arcadian and mythological ways of living are painted in touch of magic. Enchantment for battle scenery has always spelled my creative and aesthetical taste.

Of course I am attracted neither by crashes nor by destruction. Looking at and into the jam of men, horses and arms, admiration and astonishment for their knotty cluster is what stirs my interest. Beauty and amazement for them entangled with one another in a last and supreme moment of glitter and strength is what itches my curiosity and my will to stop that moment full of grim and dazzling light.

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Maria Giulia Alessi was born in Ascoli Piceno on the 23rd of May 1971. As she studied at Liceo Scientifico in Ascoli Piceno first and then at the University of Pisa where she took her Degree in Law, she attended courses of Drawing and Painting, above all of Watercolours. After the degree she cultivates her passion for ancient Maiolica, above all of Castelli district. She starts attending Botteghe of Maiolica in Ascoli Piceno so as to possess the technique of painting and decorating works of that kind. She begins falling in love with colours catching fire on the Maiolica and becoming everlasting like that. A never-ending love between Giulia’s innermost fires and Maiolica’s everbursting fire. She takes part to some exhibitions of Ceramica, distinguishing above all at the one in Collegno (Torino), in 2004, as an artist worth mentioning for her creative power and perfect technique. After the birth of her two cildren she opens in 2007 her Bottega Maiolica Viva in Ascoli Piceno in Piazza Sant’Agostino 4. In 2008 she is selected as one of the shortlist to be part of the marketing exhibition Argillà in Faenza on the 6th and 7th of September 2008. In 2008, as well, she is one of the ceramists at the exhibition in the Museum of Ascoli Piceno. These participants display their Works with the brand CAT (Artistic and Traditional Ceramics).
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